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    Sergey Ostrovskiy is a distinguished lawyer specialising in corporate, investment, and commercial law, with a keen focus on innovation and technology companies, alternative finance and blockchain projects, venture capital and private equity firms, including their portfolio companies.

    He offers strategic counsel to management teams and boards of directors on complex corporate, technology, and intellectual property transactions, corporate governance and shareholder relations. Sergey represents major technology and finance companies, blockchain projects and DeFi protocols, addressing a wide range of corporate, legal, and compliance issues.

    With profound expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, Sergey advises on the legal and regulatory aspects of their operations, securing financial licences, VASP authorizations, no-action letters, and governmental approvals. Acting as lead counsel, he has successfully structured various fundraising initiatives for Web3 and blockchain enterprises, encompassing equity, debt, and token financings. As a strategic advisor and legal counsel, Sergey has played a pivotal role in facilitating his clients' success, aiding them in raising over US$100 million through diverse token offerings, including private and public sales, IDOs, launchpads, launchpools, and liquidity bootstrapping events.

    Additionally, Sergey contributes his expertise as an independent director on the boards of several financial and blockchain companies, further cementing his role as a vital asset in the legal landscape of emerging technologies.

    Selected cases

    Explore the distinguished cases of Sergey Ostrovskiy, where his expertise in corporate, investment, and commercial law, especially in the realms of technology and blockchain, has led to groundbreaking legal solutions.

    • Acted as a co-lead counsel in the structuring of a $135 million financing facility for a Swiss-based Layer-1 blockchain network developer.

    • Served as lead counsel for a EU-based regulated cryptocurrency exchange on matters related to corporate structuring and governance, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property management.

    • Served as legal counsel to a Web3 project in designing and structuring a $18 million financing in the form of combined equity and token offering.

    • Served as a co-lead advisor to a blockchain data and mining centre operator in Oman, structuring and securing $23 million in equity and debt financing.

    • Acted as lead counsel to a blockchain company in a transaction involving the strategic sale of their project, including control over unvested tokens, listings on the world’s top-3 CEXes, and related smart contracts.

    • Advised a top-3 blockchain explorer operator globally on corporate structuring, formalising operations, and conducting a round of financing.

    • Advised the core contributors of a DAO with over $100 million in TVL on legal structuring and governance matters, and established the required legal wrappers.

    • Structured a $4.3 million Series A financing round for an information technology company, facilitated onboarding and verification of prospective investors, assisted in negotiating and concluding investment transactions, and addressed securities law implications.

    • Advised a development company on the legal aspects of releasing a global software product, provided guidance on jurisdictional restrictions, structured user relations, produced user documentation, and facilitated the publication of the associated application across all major app stores.

    • Served as lead counsel for a blockchain software developer in structuring a $3 million series of white-label transactions for licensing their proprietary cryptocurrency exchange software

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