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    Technology, IT and AI (ML)

    In the dynamic intersection of technology and innovation, where this combination accelerates and transforms industries overnight, Aurum emerges as a pivotal ally for businesses navigating the intricate legal landscapes of these sectors. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the tech ecosystem, empowers our clients to not only achieve their strategic goals but to redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

    At Aurum, we go beyond the traditional client-lawyer dynamic, adopting a partnership ethos that thoroughly integrates with your business's aspirations and challenges. Our distinguished team of legal professionals, renowned for their expertise and foresight in technology, is committed to providing unparalleled legal support tailored to the unique facets of your business landscape. With Aurum, you acquire more than legal advisors; you secure strategic allies dedicated to your success.

    Recognising the uniqueness of each enterprise, Aurum devises custom legal strategies and solutions aimed at addressing the specific challenges and opportunities inherent to the tech industry. Our methodology is firmly anchored in a comprehensive understanding of your business model, ensuring our counsel is not only relevant but also proactive in foreseeing future legal frameworks and business prospects.

    Access International Support and Cross-Border Expertise

    In an era defined by global commerce, technology businesses often extend beyond national boundaries, requiring nuanced and globally-informed legal advice. Recognising this rising demand, Aurum offers its profound expertise in designing and supporting international structures for technology businesses of all sizes, navigating the complexities of international legal frameworks, licensing regimes, and structuring cross-border transactions.

    We deliver efficient international structures for tech businesses globally, from IT start-ups and tech outsourcing companies to FinTech, game development and engineering firms. Whether your business is expanding internationally, entering new markets, establishing global partnerships, or safeguarding intellectual assets across borders, Aurum is equipped to support your international ventures.

    Partner with Technology-Focused Lawyers

    Opting for Aurum Law Firm as your legal partner means choosing a team that shares your passion for technology and innovation. Our blend of excellence, deep sector expertise, and global insight positions us as the premier choice for technology companies seeking sophisticated legal solutions.

    We pride ourselves on delivering personalised, forward-looking, and strategic legal counsel, ensuring that our clients are not merely protected but also primed for growth and leadership in the competitive tech market. With Aurum, you secure a partnership that is deeply invested in understanding your business, achieving your goals, and navigating the complexities of technology, IT, and artificial intelligence law together.

    Selected services

    Aurum is a tech-oriented firm. For this reason, our lawyers and attorneys provide comprehensive legal advice and support tailored to the technology sector, adapted to the specific needs of our clients’ industries.

    Setting up the business
    Employment and service relationships
    Commercial relationships, trade and service provision
    Releasing a product
    Protecting intellectual property, know-how, and confidential information
    Data protection and privacy compliance

    Other details

    Our deep understanding of technological innovations and digital transformations enables us to provide comprehensive legal solutions for clients operating in these sectors. Discover our experience through our cases, delve into our insights in publications, and learn about our involvement in shaping the legal landscape of technology and AI.

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