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    Web3 and Blockchain

    Blockchain and Web3 are amongst Aurum’s key specialisations. Since 2016, our focus on cryptocurrencies and virtual assets has positioned us as legal counsel for a diverse range of crypto and blockchain projects, extending from London to Hong Kong.

    Now, we advise governments on the regulation of virtual asset markets and take part in the development of virtual asset legislation in different jurisdictions across the world. Aurum’s founders act as independent directors on the boards of leading blockchain and Web3 companies, providing strategic advice on business development, government relations, and regulatory strategy.

    Aurum is proud to have as clients CoinMarketCap Top-100 projects, renowned DeFi protocols, blockchain network developers, dApp operators, DEXs and CEXs, wallet and infrastructure providers, and other pivotal market participants.

    This deep integration into the Web 3.0 industry has not only furnished us with a profound understanding of the space and the market but has also enabled us to acquire extensive expertise and valuable connections in the sector.

    Lawyers Specialising in Blockchain and Crypto

    Navigating the multifaceted world of Web3 and blockchain requires legal counsel that deeply understands the nuances of these rapidly evolving technologies, and Aurum’s significant experience in cryptocurrencies (legally termed as virtual assets), blockchain, and everything related to Web 3.0 positions us at the forefront of the industry.

    By collaborating with projects operating across nearly all areas of the blockchain industry, our crypto lawyers have cultivated a deep-seated passion for distributed ledger technology and its extensive applications. Now, we consistently contribute to the industry's development and the enhancement of legal solutions for market participants. No matter the scope of your project or endeavour, rest assured that the team at Aurum has the necessary experience and insights to support your success.

    In 2022, Aurum started a new portfolio project DAObox, specialising in designing, creating, and managing legal wrappers for decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) worldwide. Through this endeavour, our firm contributes to the development of the sector and the advancement of DAO structuring and governance solutions.

    At Aurum, we recognise that blockchain companies operate in a global landscape, often creating products with limitless geographic reach. To navigate the complexities of cross-border business, we’ve assembled a team of highly skilled Web3 and crypto lawyers with extensive international experience.

    Vast international expertise enables us to provide strategic guidance on international compliance, risk management, and operational structuring. We don't just assist our clients in understanding legal requirements across various jurisdictions; we also help them adapt their business models to align with or coexist within these regulatory landscapes, finding the most efficient structures.

    Regulatory and Compliance in Web3

    Whether you’re an established blockchain company or a newly launched crypto project, understanding the regulatory landscape is paramount. With the widespread adoption of Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) regulatory frameworks globally and an increasing tendency to apply traditional financial and security laws to the crypto industry, Web 3.0 projects have no choice but to navigate these frameworks carefully to ensure the required level of compliance.

    Compliance team at Aurum excels in guiding clients through diverse regulatory landscapes and frameworks. Depending on the client’s chosen regulatory strategy, our team assists in selecting the optimal jurisdictions for business structuring, obtaining licences and state authorisations, or leveraging available exemptions and regulatory grey areas to enable the project to operate with minimal regulatory burden.

    By utilising innovative legal structures and the most effective instruments available in the area, our attorneys mitigate regulatory and compliance risks for the project and ensure that the team behind the project and its founders are safeguarded from personal liabilities and other legal risks.

    Selected services

    Crypto lawyers at Aurum provide the full range of legal services and strategic advice for blockchain, crypto, and Web3 companies and projects. Some of our selected services include:

    Setting up a crypto project
    Issuing a token
    Regulatory Strategy and Compliance
    Releasing a product (protocol, dApp, platform, etc.)
    Managing intellectual property and assets
    Managing employees, advisors, service providers
    Transitioning to DAO

    Other details

    We empower our clients to navigate the complex legal landscape of this rapidly evolving industry, ensuring compliance and safeguarding their interests. Explore our cases, delve into our publications, and discover the recognition we've earned for our contributions to shaping the legal framework of the Web3 and Blockchain space.

    Cases and highlights

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