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    Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

    As a Web3 firm, Aurum specialises in working with companies and projects operating in the Web 3.0 and blockchain industry, and decentralised finance, as one of the major cornerstones of the crypto worlds, without any doubt forms a substantial part of our practice and experience.

    Acting as legal counsel to DeFi projects since 2016, we have been at the forefront of the crypto revolution that is taking place worldwide, and our Web3 attorneys are perfectly placed to understand the sector and know the challenges facing its players.

    Unlike others, we are DeFi lovers and seasoned users ourselves. What we love most about DeFi is their commitment to innovation and bravery, regardless of the costs. At times, we may challenge their courage and define some boundaries, but it’s in these moments that we find a perfect blend with our clients – we help them achieve their goals while staying on the safe side and not compromising on innovation.

    Work with Trusted DeFi Attorneys

    Aurum is proud to be a trusted advisor to renowned DeFi market players and Coinmarketcap Top-100 projects. Among our clients are layer-one and layer-two blockchain network developers, DEXes, decentralised lending protocols, leverage protocols, yield aggregators and stablecoin issuers.

    Having remained at the forefront of the industry for years, our DeFi attorneys have a clear understanding of the struggles and challenges our clients face. We are here to bolster your projects with innovative and efficient legal structures and strategies, aimed at facilitating your business ambitions while minimising the regulatory and legal risks involved.

    In DeFi, the products and services aren’t confined to specific geographical boundaries. We know and respect that, though we sometimes have to interfere with this principle to ensure that the project founders and team don’t get into too much trouble. After all, no one wants them to stop building, especially us.

    Aurum partners with DeFi projects originating from all over the world, including the countries of the EU, Switzerland, the US, United Arab Emirates, and countries of the Asia-Pacific region. In the same vein, we craft our structuring solutions and legal strategies with a global perspective, specifically tailored for international projects and teams. Our approach is strategically designed to harness the benefits of diverse jurisdictions and legal systems, offering a robust and flexible legal foundation that turns regulatory diversity into a strategic advantage. This ensures our clients can navigate the complexities of the global legal landscape with confidence and precision.

    Let us Deal with Compliance

    For DeFi projects, navigating the complex regulatory environment is crucial, whether you're a seasoned blockchain enterprise or a new DeFi initiative. With the global rise of Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) regulations and the growing trend of applying traditional finance and securities laws to the virtual asset sector, DeFi projects must meticulously chart their course through these legal frameworks to avoid crossing any ‘red lines’ or getting into real trouble.

    The compliance team at Aurum specialises in steering DeFi clients through this multifaceted regulatory terrain. Tailoring our approach to each client's specific regulatory strategy, we guide them in choosing the best jurisdictions for their business structure. This includes assistance with securing necessary licences and state approvals or taking advantage of regulatory exemptions and ambiguities to operate with the least regulatory load possible.

    Through the innovative legal solutions and strategic use of complex legal strategies, our advisors work to minimise regulatory and compliance risks for your project. Our priority is always the protection of the project's team and founders from legal exposure and personal liabilities.

    Selected services

    Discover our specialized legal services crafted for the dynamic world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Our experienced team provides comprehensive support, from regulatory compliance to smart contract development, ensuring your DeFi projects thrive in a complex legal landscape.

    Setting up a DeFi project
    Issuing a token
    Releasing a product (DeFi protocol, platform, dApp, etc.)
    Managing intellectual property and assets
    Managing employees, advisors, service providers
    Regulatory Strategy and Compliance
    Transitioning to DAO

    Other details

    Delve into the highlights of our Decentralized Finance (DeFi) practice, where we present our selected cases and insightful publications.

    Cases and highlights

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