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    Decentralised Organisations (DAOs)

    At the heart of digital innovation, Decentralised Organisations (DAOs) are reshaping the landscape of collective governance and enterprise. Aurum is at the vanguard, offering pioneering legal services to this nascent industry. Our firm prides itself on blending traditional legal wisdom with cutting-edge insights into the blockchain space, ensuring your DAO navigates the complex legal terrain with confidence and clarity.

    The client-centric approach we employ ensures that every DAO we partner with is fully equipped to navigate the legal intricacies of operating in a decentralised and autonomous manner, at the same time being legally protected from compliance, financial and judicial risks they may encounter.

    For us, the DAOs are more than just a technological marvel; they represent a new frontier in organisational structure and community-driven initiatives. We’ve carefully designed our services and offerings not just to protect the DAO members and mitigate risks, but to unlock opportunities.

    To meet our partner DAOs’ expectations and help them achieve their goals, our team at Aurum must constantly design and deliver legal frameworks previously unknown to the industry. We engage in a continuous process of legal design thinking, crafting solutions tailor-made for modern Web3 communities. This involves a collaborative effort with our clients, where their vision and our legal expertise converge to create robust, scalable, and compliant frameworks.

    At Aurum, we understand that DAOs represent a paradigm shift in the way organisations are structured and operated. This decentralised approach introduces novel challenges and opportunities, spanning from formation and governance to regulatory compliance and dispute resolution, and our role as legal counsel necessitates the crafting of legal solutions for this new type of organisations that was previously unseen.

    Given the inherent diversity among DAOs — each with its own distinct approach to governance, operational procedures, and organisational frameworks — the legal strategies we develop for each DAO are inherently unique. Our approach is deeply informed by an in-depth understanding of each DAO’s specific features and aspirations, ensuring our legal counsel is as individualised as the organisations we serve.

    Creating the Future Together

    Not only do we serve as advisors within this industry, but we have also emerged as its representatives and active participants. In 2023, Aurum unveiled DAObox – a Web3 project dedicated to the design, formation, and management of DAO legal wrappers. With this project, we believe that Aurum has solidified its position amongst the contributors to the Web3 community, actively fostering the sector’s growth.

    Selected services

    We designed our service offering keeping in mind the unique structural and operational specificities of DAOs and Web3 communities.

    Forming a DAO
    Issuing a token through a DAO
    Releasing a product through a DAO (“DAO launch”)
    DAO Fundraise
    Creating DAO legal wrappers
    Managing intellectual property and assets
    Managing advisors and service providers

    Other details

    Our selected cases, publications, and recognition in this sector underscore our commitment to addressing the novel legal challenges presented by DAOs. We provide expert guidance on governance structures, regulatory compliance, and smart contract implementation, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to navigate the decentralized landscape.

    Cases and highlights

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