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    Gaming and Cybersports

    In the fast-paced world of cybersports and gaming, where innovation meets competition, Aurum stands as a pivotal ally for gaming entities, esports athletes, and digital entrepreneurs. Our practice is dedicated to navigating the intricate legal landscapes that define this vibrant industry. With a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in digital entertainment, we offer tailored legal solutions that propel our clients toward success.

    At Aurum, we appreciate the unique dynamics of the gaming industry – an arena where technology, creativity, and law intertwine. Our team, armed with deep industry knowledge and a passion for gaming, is adept at addressing the legal needs of game developers, esports organisations, and online platforms. From intellectual property disputes to contract negotiations, and from regulatory compliance to international expansion, our expertise ensures that your venture thrives in a competitive global market.

    Your Strategic Partner in Cybersports and Gaming

    Embarking on a journey in the gaming industry requires more than just legal assistance; it demands a strategic partner who shares your vision. At Aurum Law Firm, we’re putting all effort into becoming that partner. We not only safeguard your legal interests but also contribute to your strategic planning with insights that anticipate the evolution of digital gaming landscapes. Our proactive approach helps clients seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and stay ahead in the game.

    A Partner for Every Level of Play

    Whether you’re an indie developer breaking into the scene or a seasoned gaming company looking to expand your empire, Aurum Law Firm is your go-to partner. Our comprehensive understanding of the cybersports and gaming industry, combined with a deep commitment to our clients’ success, positions us uniquely to offer tailored legal solutions that drive growth and innovation.

    For an esports athlete, dealing with legal staff may be tricky. Oftenly, esports players need legal representation more than anyone else. For this reason, Aurum offers legal representation not only for businesses, but for esports players and gamers altogether. We see our role in ensuring that your talents and rights are protected in an industry that can be as competitive as the gaming itself.

    Our expert team provides comprehensive support, from negotiating contracts that secure favourable terms and fair compensation to advising on personal branding and sponsorship deals. We understand the importance of a player’s digital presence and work to safeguard their image rights, ensuring their value is recognised both in and out of the arena. Moreover, we're committed to guiding esports athletes through the complexities of career transitions, whether moving between teams or planning for the future beyond active competition.

    Selected services

    Our dedicated team provides specialized guidance to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving industry, ensuring your ventures are both competitive and compliant.

    Setting up a gaming business
    Employment and service relationships
    Releasing a product
    Protecting intellectual property, know-how, and confidential information
    Emerging Technologies and Innovation
    Legal support for esports teams and clubs
    Representation for an esports athlete

    Other details

    Our selected cases showcase our dedication to providing innovative legal solutions in this fast-paced industry. From protecting intellectual property to ensuring fair play in competitive arenas, our experience is a testament to our commitment to the success and integrity of the gaming and esports community.

    Cases and highlights

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