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    Our story

    Founded in 2011 as “Exlege”, Aurum emerged from an impassioned ambition to provide the highest level of legal service and care to visionary enterprises shaping our future.

    As a boutique firm, we provide unique benefits unparalleled by larger companies. Our firm’s scale enables us to offer unwavering dedication and personalized attention to each client. We cultivate deeply intimate client relationships, not merely serving as legal advisors but becoming essential components of our clients’ teams. Our approach is to integrate into their operations, aligning closely with their aspirations. This commitment to align with clients’ visions fosters a partnership characterized by mutual objectives and shared successes.

    Our years of dedication to technology, Web3, blockchain, FinTech, media, and innovation have honed our expertise in these fields, positioning us as the preferred legal partner for startups, projects, and enterprises in these dynamic sectors. We provide extensive legal solutions encompassing corporate law, intellectual property, cross-border transactions, investments, data protection, and regulatory compliance, addressing the full spectrum of their operational requirements.

    In 2020, Aurum strategically transitioned to a Web 3.0 model, closing physical offices to embrace advanced digital technologies. This shift enhances transparency, security, and efficiency in client interactions, enabling us to provide exceptional legal advice around the word, regardless of geographic location. Our virtual operation model significantly reduces overhead costs, enabling us to offer high-quality legal services at more competitive rates, directly benefiting our clients.

    Our values

    For over a decade now, we have been working to crystallise the core values that are the compass for all our endeavours. We believe that these values set us apart and elevate the standard of our services, making them unparalleled in the industry.

    • Be expert: our clients are at the forefront of global industries where comprehensive, international legal expertise is crucial. Our team has sharpened their international law skills, mastered regulatory compliance nuances, and adeptly handled complex cross-border transactions.
    • Be efficient: efficiency, foresight, and speed are our hallmarks. Our lawyers operate at a pace that redefines excellence in legal services, consistently delivering exceptional results within stringent deadlines.
    • Be dedicated: our client relationships transcend professional boundaries, evolving into true partnerships. This deep commitment ensures we are consistently ahead, proactively turning challenges into opportunities. We take pleasure in maintaining close connections with our clients and immersing ourselves in their projects.
    • Know the client’s industry: we take pride in our profound understanding of the industries we serve, ensuring our clients never need to explain the basics. Our team is always in sync, grasping the subtleties and effectively communicating in the industry’s language.
    • Be more than just lawyers: we consistently exceed expectations. As strategic advisors and business consultants, we equip our clients with insights drawn from our vast experience across various sectors and an extensive industry network, fostering their business growth and development.


    Explore the journey of excellence and innovation through our key milestones, marking each step of our firm’s remarkable evolution and success:

    • 2011: Embarked our journey as “Exlege”, specialising in corporate and commercial law
    • 2014: Recognising the transformative potential of emerging technologies, we began our dedicated focus on technologies and innovations
    • 2016: Diversified our expertise to embrace the emerging Web3 and blockchain domains, positioning ourselves at the forefront of these transformative technologies
    • 2017: With an eye on the future, the firm underwent a significant pivot, rebranding as Aurum
    • 2018: Launched a private investment fund to support innovative tech startups and game-changing web3 projects
    • 2019: Established a stronger global presence by marking our footprint in Dubai and London
    • 2020: Transitioned to a web3-based office-free model, embracing digital innovation and eco-friendly approach, championing a new era of globally accessible legal services
    • 2021: Aurum was invited for the first time to act as an independent director on the board of a leading tech company
    • 2022: Launched DAObox, a company specialising in infrastructure solutions tailored for DAOs and Web3 communities, while also co-founding two other Web3 projects
    • 2023: With projects spanning across over 30 jurisdictions worldwide, AURUM is not only continuing its robust growth trajectory but also leading the vanguard in innovative legal solutions
    • Still going…

    Aurum today

    Aurum stands at the forefront of legal innovation, erasing borders to provide professional care for every legal need, ensuring our clients' global ambitions face no limits. Embracing a pioneering role in Web3 law, we've eschewed traditional offices for a decentralized, virtual, and paperless presence. This approach, coupled with our expertise in complex legal landscapes, cements our unique position as more than just lawyers – we are trusted partners intricately woven into our clients' missions for a brighter future.

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